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Danielle Alhassid is an Israeli-French artist currently living and working in NYC. She is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2020 NL. Her works involves stop motion animation, video, print making and performance. She focuses on the intersection of memory, identity, immigration and the urban experience as her main subjects of investigation.

Alhassid’s work benefits from her wide experience as tour guiding as she explores the idea of a guided tour in her pieces, in which she creates immersive multi-disciplinary installations, imaginary landscape . 



Born in Tel Aviv, Israel 1991


Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam - BFA 2020

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, NYC - 2019

Telma Yellin National High school for the Arts, Tel Aviv- 2009 



Group exhibition, Beit Ha’Ir Museum ,Tel-Aviv 2023 (forthcoming)

Group exhibition, “Overlapping plans”, Meso gallery ,Haifa 2023 (forthcoming)

Screening: "Found in Translation", Kunstkan-WhatArtCanDo, Amsterdam, 2023

Screening: "D-construction", Grosso Modo Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2022

Group exhibition, “Women Make Art” , City College library, NYC 2022

Group exhibition, “Uncommon Senses”, 205 Gallery, Hunter college, NYC 2022

Solo show, "The Precious Stones " Liebling Haus -The White City Center, Tel Aviv 2022 

MusraraMix winter festival, Jerusalem, 2021 

Group exhibition "A Stone’s Throw Away"  Azrieli gallery, Jerusalem 2021 

“Notes from Home”, ArtCamp, ​Herzliya museum, Herzliya 2021

Group exhibition All Inn, Het HEM, Zaandam, Netherlands 2021

MusraraMix new media festival , Jerusalem 2020 

Group exhibition “Notes from Home”, Tel Aviv Illustration week 2020

Group exhibition Best of Graduates 2020, Ron Mandos gallery, Amsterdam 2020

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation show, Amsterdam 2020

Rietveld Uncut exhibition, Stedelijk museum Amsterdam 2020 

Participant in “The Night Watching”, film installation by Rineke Dijkstra, RijksMuseum, Amsterdam 2019

Textile initiative- glass pavilion, Amsterdam 2019

Group exhibition “The February strike”, The Holocaust museum, Amsterdam 2018

Group exhibition in Plan B Gallery, Amsterdam 2017

National exhibition for distinguished alumni, Telma Yellin National Highschool for the Arts & National museum of Israel 2012


“The Wizard of Oz”, animation for a theater set comissioned by Jerusalem Theater, IL 2022

“Variations”, live drawing performance in collaboration with Maya Belsitzman, commissioned by Women Festival, Holon Theater, Holon, IL 2021

“Roberto Shemtov” Video work, Commissioned by Studio Bank residency, Tel- Aviv 2020 

“Meet Me at the Entrance” Commissioned by Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam 2020 

“Must See” performance, Commissioned by the Jerusalem Convention of art,  Van Leer institute, Jerusalem 2020 

“Collected Fictions” workshop on history, narrative and alternative mapping of the Rijksmuseum, Commissioned by T. Kreutzer, Gerrit Reitveld Academie, Amsterdam 2019

“Amsterdam Flânerie”- city tour commissioned by the Fine Arts department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2018

Illustrations, crowd founding project commissioned by The Healing Yoga for Victims of Sexual Abuse Project, Jerusalem 2015

Invited Talks and Residencies

“The Precious Stones: virtual visit at Danielle Alhassid's studio”, Liebling Haus, Tel Aviv 2022

"Here and Now" research program for socio-political involvement of artists, Haifa, IL 2021

“From Rembrandt in Amsterdam to “Picasso in Palestine” 2020 

Women collective of the Kidron valley, Newcommunity

“What will be exhibited in times of a crisis?” Artist talks about art, in collaboration with Arternative and Cathedra 2020 

Honors, awards, fellowships

Asylum Arts program, The Neighborhood, NYC 2023

LABA NYC fellowship, NYC 2023

LAM museum fellowship, This Art Fair Amsterdam, NL, 2022

Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation, NL, 2021

Winner of the student competition,  MusraraMix new media festival, Jerusalem 2020

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